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Male Edge Review: Best Penis Enlargement Extender Device

Male Edge ExtenderMale Edge Extender is a brand of revolutionary penis stretchers in the market braced for the penis enlargement, This male enhancement products you’ll be amazed by the tensor operation comfortable and very effective in is very easy to use technology in lengthening combined penis and ergonomic and functional design.

The penis enlargement device as a traction device taps the body’s natural ability to facilitate natural penis enlargement. The tool performs effective mechanical stretching of the penis to promote active cytokinesis or natural cell division and multiplication. The result is a permanent increase in penis size. Within at least six months of continuous and correct usage, the gadget could boost penis length by up to 28% and girth by about 19%.

The traction equipment is fully adjustable. It applies about 1,200 to 2,800 grams of additional weight to the penis to effectively control enlargement. You could easily adjust its weight to suit your comfort. Thus, you could wear Male Edge for many hours everyday. You could put it on while you sleep or while you work at the office. You would hardly feel it is there because of the comfort level it brings about. The device is not bulky so that it would not cause any embarrassment, unlike other brands in the market.

Male Edge Review

What You Can Expect from Using Male Edge Devices

  • Increase In Penis Length – Usually from 1 to 3 Inches
  • Penis Girth Gains up to 30%
  • Harder and Stronger Erections
  • Increase in Sexual Stamina and Endurance
  • Works to Correct Penile Curvature
  • Gain Better Control Over Ejaculations

How Does Male Edge Program Work?

In order to increase the penis size, the device will apply tension to the penis which will cause the penis to become stretched to the maximum length at any given time. By keeping it stretched for an extended period of time, 2-6 hours daily is the recommendation, the cells within the penis will divide and multiply allowing the actual penis will increase in both length and girth.

The speed in which it takes to see results does depend on the time that you wear the device for and the amount of tension being applied to the penis.

Most devices can only apply around 1500gs of tension; therefore you need to wear the device for much longer. MaleEdge Penis Extender is able to apply up to 2800g worth of traction to the penis; therefore you will be able to experience size gains in a much shorter time period.

To help you keep track of your results, you can become a Male Edge member. The membership is a part of your order and therefore will NOT cost anything extra. By creating a personal training program and a diary you can put in your results, view graphs and charts to keep an eye on your growth.

Safety and Risks

The traction has been in use by doctors and orthopedic surgeons for lengthening limbs and digits for a long time. And even before that the method was used by some tribes for lengthening their lips, noses, earlobes and necks.

Any penile growth you get with Male Edge is permanent and the penis will not go back to its original size after the use of the device has been stopped. The reason for this is that Male Edge produces macroscopic changes in your penis.

Male Edge is an effective, natural, and non-surgical solution for penis size increase. Its lightweight, organic, and all-in-one design is complemented by a double traction system that has been proven to bring about ideal results. Thus, the product is very easy to use, is discreet, and is comfortable. It does not sacrifice effectiveness and performance. It has been designed and manufactured after many years of stringent scientific research verified by rigorous clinical testing. If you want a penile enhancement solution that really does work, then Male Edge Extender is the perfect choice!

Male Edge USA


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