Penile Enhancement: Best Male Enhancement Pills, Extenders, Exercises, Cream, Patches Review

Penis Growth

What’s so great about having a larger penis I hear you say, well first of all having a bigger penis than any man you know gives you an INDESCRIBABLE amount of confidence, that women find ridiculously attractive. It’s not only more visually attractive to women, but during intercourse having an small penis compared to a 8 or 9” penis is the difference between a woman becoming bored and frustrated during sex and or giving her mind blowing orgasms that drive her insane.

Growth is said to be divided into specific phases in a person’s life. The overall physical growth of a person tends to slow down once he is in his adult stage, and this is true even with penis growth. When you become an adult, it means that you are more or less in the stage when your growth is at its optimum level, and your development will eventually stop. Some find this difficult to accept especially when they find out that their male members are not of the size that is favorable for them. But then, due to the advancements in science and technology as per the studies made by researchers, making your phallus increase in size has been made possible.

If you are looking for a way to increase your penis size, there are several methods that claim fast results. So how do you know what to believe and which method is really the best? I will tell you right now that natural penis growth is the only way that you can safely get a larger penis with fast and permanent results.

Top Penis Enlargement Pills

Male Enhancement PillsVigRX Plus Male Enhancement Pills, which is formulated by Albion Medical, is actually the “enhanced” version of Vigrx. For those who are not familiar with Vigrx, it is a very popular brand, considered by many as the most complete herbal enhancement pills available. It has also been the #1 choice for many men who want to enhance their sexual ability, for the past six years.

This newer formula includes ingredients that the original VigRx Plus pills do not contain. These ingredients are Bioperine, which is not included any other penis pills on the market today; Tribulus; and Damiana.

Bioperine has been demonstrated through clinical studies to be effective at safely increasing the rate at which the body absorbs nutrients. Basically, it helps supplements work better, and boosts the speed at which supplements can take effect. The primary means by which VigRx Plus contributes to increased penis size increase the flow of blood to the penis. With the aid of Bioperine, and the other new ingredients VigRx Plus claims to bring about increases in erection size faster than the previous version of the product.

Thanks to the ingredients that speed up the increase of blood flow to the penis, you can expect to see results from taking VigRx Plus penis pills very quickly. The first change you will notice is increased duration of your erections. The width of your penis will then expand, as will the length. Your stamina will also increase.

With VigRx Plus, your erect penis will be more firm, strong, and sturdy than you even imagined it could be. It is possible to increase a 25 percent increase in the diameter of your penis, and a growth of up to 2.5 inches in length.

Penis Pills

Male ExtraMale Extra Penis Pills are created by medical professionals and tested in different clinical studies. Their herbal formula is designed to enhance your penile blood flow and stimulate your serotonin neurotransmitter levels. This influences your whole sexual functioning. The level of nitric oxide in your penis will increase and you will be able to achieve harder erections.

What Can Male Extra Do For You?

  • Enlarge Your Penis Up To 3 Inches In Length and Girth
  • Have Rock Solid, Bigger, Harder, and More Intense Erections
  • Increase Stamina With Better Ejaculation Control
  • Super Charge Your Sex Drive and Desire

How Does Male Extra Work

Each serving of Male Extra contains over 1500mg of Pomegranate 70% Ellagic. Combined with other ingredients such as L-Arginine, Maca, and Zinc – this product contains a unique formulation that is 3 TIMES more powerful than competitor products. In addition to having a more powerful formula, Male Extra also comes with 90 pills per box (instead of 30 or 60).

Another key feature of the Male Extra system is a penis exercise program called PenisHealth, which is a natural penis enlargement program that aims to add permanent size to the penis, give you better control over ejaculations, and give you stronger erections. Combining the Male Extra pills with the PenisHealth exercise program, is a sure-fire way to enlarge your penis and boost your sexual performance to new heights.

Penis Pills

Volume PillsVolume Pill is arguably the best semen and sperm enhancer pill to hit the male enhancement market. As its name suggest, this herbal pill can help increase the amount of semen and sperm your body produces for a more intense, more powerful orgasm.

Why Do Men Want to Ejaculate More?
One of the most appealing aspects to increasing semen volume is the look on your partners face when they see the mess you are capable of making. Women feel a sense of sexual gratification when they can make their lover ejaculate, especially when it has a white rich look.

Why Choose Volume Pills?
Many supplements today are comprised of synthetic ingredients that are very effective, but sometimes punish some individuals with potentially harmful side-effects. Unlike the majority of enhancement supplements, Volume Pills uses a propriety blend of 100% all natural organic concentrates that have all been proven to boost sexual activity and stimulate more semen production. They also…

An increase in semen volume causes your sexual organs to contract more intensely, and this results in a more pleasurable and intense orgasm. VolumePills are a great investment for the male whose aim is to completely satisfy his mate while enjoying the pleasures of an intense sexual encounter. With a boost in libido and stamina, you will be able to enjoy a much more fulfilled sex life. Satisfied customers of VolumePills have testified that they have experienced stronger ejaculations, more semen volume and bigger loads of sperm.

Volume Pill

Top Penis Enlargement Extenders

SizeGeneticsSizeGenetics Penis Extender is one of the most effective penis enlargement systems available that increases penis size up to 30%, boosts stamina, improves sex drive, provides solid erections, and gives higher confidence and better sexual performance.

Size Genetics enlarges penis length and girth faster than any other device, but is also effective cure for curved penis.

Many men have already used it and most of them are satisfied with the results. SizeGenetics is proven to be effective and provides visible results on average within a just one month.

The SizeGenetics device is strapped to the penis. What it does is, the device puts traction to the penis, it gives pressure to it from the outside by stretching it with enough force. SizeGenetics works even better if you use it with penis enlargement exercises.

SizeGenetics includes DVD that shows you all the penis exercises that you need to do while using the extender to make process even faster and more effective.

SizeGenetics works using a traction that give pressure and stretches the penis, causing new cell growth, which expands tissue and allows the penis react positively and grow bigger. SizeGenetics utilizes a method similar to that seen in orthopedic surgery to lengthen arms and legs; the SizeGenetics works by gradually applying traction to your penis and encouraging new cell growth.

Penis Extenders

ProextenderProextender System is a traction device medically developed for a specific reason. It targets the male organ and with the recommended use, straightens, heals and increases the size of the penis. Men, who suffer from Peyronie’s disease, use the extender system, under the guidance of urologists and medical professionals.

First, ProExtender system includes a penis enlargement equipment that was designed and developed in Denmark. The device was a product of long and extensive research efforts in the local medical community. ProExtender traction device is aimed at providing or facilitating a non-harmful, gentle, and painless traction to make the penis grow longer and thicker. It works by prompting creation of new and additional tissue cells in the penis shaft.

The second component of the system is an enhancement pill, which is deemed as among the most effective and most popular natural supplements available commercially. The oral supplement could increase sexual vigor, pleasure, stamina, and of course performance among men.

The third component of the system is a semen volume increasing pill. It was found that intensity of an orgasm is directly related to the volume of semen a man produces. Thus, the more semen you release, the greater is the intensity of your sexual climax. The greater would be the likely sensation you would feel during sex. Increase your orgasmic pleasure and the duration of your ejaculation’s contractions.

The fourth component of the ProExtender system is a set of exercise routines that are designed to help make the penis bigger. Every purchase of ProExtender system would entitle you to an exercise video in a CD. You could watch how to properly execute recommended penis enlargement exercises that could help further attain a more significant and permanent penis size increase.

Best Male Enhancement

Top Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis AdvantagePenis Advantage is a program that uses natural exercises that increases blood flow and have helped over 12,000 men improve their length and width of their penis. The programs uses proven exercises which you do at home alone for up to six minutes a day, to be able to achieve an extra 1-4 inches within weeks.

One of the best features of manual exercises to achieve a size increase is that it is guaranteed to work and help men to add up to 4 extra inches in weeks. The main parts of this male enhancement technique that produces the best results are the manual stretching of the penis in a slow and steady manner which is to be done for about 6 minutes every day consistently. These exercises allow the penile shaft to grow more tissue and cells so that its entire length increases.

By having adequate knowledge of these exercises and practicing them routinely men can not only add inches to the length of their manhood but they can also add inches to their girth. Some women are more aroused by the thickness of a mans penis rather than the length. And that is why if you wanted to increase your size naturally you should always opt for a more complete male enhancement package that can give men significant gains in both length and thickness.

The penis advantage works to achieve permanent, long lasting results by following all the necessary steps. Once the first set of exercises are complete and initial goal is achieved then you can choose to do further exercises that concentrate only on maintaining results. The additional exercises only lasts for a few weeks and can be stopped at any time as the desired size would of already been achieved.

Penis Exercises

Top Penis Cream

MaxodermMaxoderm Penis Cream is a topical gel, transdermally applied to the penis to increase the libido and sexual prowess of man. The ingredients in this product helps to prolong the sexual activity with harder erections as the "Vasotran Auctum" used helps to infuse their vasodilatation properties. This makes the man feel virile and sexually potent. The ingredients used are safe and blended with natural herbs. The R&D team at Barmensen Labs have come up with this chemically engineered product, Vasotran Auctum after many years of research and certified tests.

No matter what other male enhancement products a man may have tried, Maxoderm from Barmensen Labs is completely different, because it is made from a patented formula. The product is different from pills that you have to swallow and then wait a while before you know whether or not they are doing any good. Men who used the lotion have said that they felt it going to work in less than 60 seconds.

The way to use Maxoderm is, about five to ten minutes before having a sexual experience, either with a partner or alone, a dab of the lotion is applied directly onto the penis. The topical properties of the product create what has been described as a pleasant warming or tingling sensation. The benefits are said to be felt with the first usage, but they increase with time. It is recommended that the product be used regularly during a period of twelve weeks in order to achieve the best results from it.

The benefits of Maxoderm may be psychological as well as purely physical. The way this works is that it is an additional element of stimulation that is brought into the bedroom. In other words, it is a change that ads extra excitement into the experience of intimacy between partners. This is often a positive factor that helps in resolving minor difficulties among the individuals.

Penis Cream

Top Penis Patches

ProEnhanceProEnhance Penis Patch successfully uses transdermal patch technology making use of time-researched biological knowledge to provide you a singular in addition to simple alternative to pennis growth obtainable nowadays. ProEnhance claims to add about 3 ins to your pennis length, and one to two inches to your fatness. Additionally, it hopes to improve your bedroom staying power, sperm ejaculation, give solid penile erections, and drastically make it possible for you to last longer in sex.

Implementing the distinctive profound piercing patch skill, ProEnhance provides vitamins and minerals to the bloodstream, circumventing the digestive system. Pro Enhance supports, expands as well as stretch the elastic tissues in the male organ, called Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongisum. In this manner, your penis can be capable to hold more blood in time of an erection which, in turn, leads to a bigger pennis.

Ingredients Of Proenhance Herbal Penis Enhancement Patch

You are able to get these gains using this high quality Pro Enhance all natural enhancing formulation. Every ingredient is well known worldwide on due to the diverse positive effects on sexual health. That features Gotu Kola, Menthol, Fo-Ti, Damiana, Saw Palmetto and Yohimbe. Yohimbe, for example, has been proven to boost the flow of blood into the pennis, thereby growing pennis size and thickness. Whilst Damiana is an aphrodisiac utilized to treat erection disorder and enhance sexual ability.

Over 1 million men have already successfully used ProEnhance penis enhancement patches to dramatically increase their penis size and sexual stamina, improve erectile function, and provide more satisfaction and pleasure for themselves and their partner.

Penis Patch